Happenings on a Mini Homestead

drying herbs from the garden

Lately we have been busy busy busy around our mini homestead!

Weeds were getting the best of us… me… They were becoming overwhelming and every time I looked in areas of the yard it would just freak me out. I’m type A when it comes to aesthetics so this was making me nutty. So 4th of July the hubby and I picked and picked and picked. And we finally got a weedwacker so our neighbor didn’t have to do it for us anymore.

I’m going to vent for one second. When someone asks you the questions “what is the best way to get rid of weeds?” The answer is never “just put a little Round Up on it!” Not the correct answer people! I didn’t realize killing bees and polluting our environment was the best way to get rid of weeds! Ok that’s all on that topic! I would love to hear any natural advice for weeding besides pulling!

Growing Watermelon

We have been harvesting a lot of cucumber, zucchini, carrots, green peppers, are second round of strawberries, and green beans. Hopefully we will be getting some watermelon soon!

The Brussels sprouts were finally ready to pick!

I made my first batch of pickles! Woo hoo!

homemade pickles

Harvesting and drying chamomile for chamomile tea! It’s looks and smells beautiful!

drying herbs

Any day now we should be getting some big old tomatoes!


A lesson I learned for next year… Space out plants more and go vertical. I tried to do the square food garden and it said that watermelons need 1-2 square feet. Well friends there is a watermelon monster taking over our garden! See! There is suppose to be a walkway between the beds. Yea not so much anymore! I have to ninja my way through the beds!

watermelon taking over

One thing I have learned is how much I love our little homestead. God has blessed us so much with out place and the incredible amount of food we can produce in such a small space. And it’s amazing to see the benefits when you put so much work, sweat, and tears into something!

What’s been happening around your garden or homestead?

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  1. I have seen a recipe of vinegar and dish soap for killing weeds. I don’t think I’d use it very close to plants you really don’t want to kill, though. I’d use it more for the cracks in the driveway… When I was little, the neighbors used to pour salt in the cracks and then pour boiling water on it. Once again, not something you want to do around plants you want. The salt will kill everything!

  2. Good tips Joyce! I’ve tried the vinegar and soap on my driveway as well and it does pretty good! Always looking for a better method though too!

  3. Hey Amy! I can sympathize with you on the weed front and particularly the round up solution! My best tip for weeds is: mulching! If you put several layers of newspaper down and cover that with grass clippings or seed free hay, you don’t have to deal with weeds! Or at least not many! Same goes for pathways! There is even a gardening method that requires you to put down a thick layer of mulch before planting anything. Then you pull back the mulch to plant and add more as needed throughout the season. We are going to try this next year as it sounds easier than working around plants or waiting for seeds to sprout. Your garden looks great!!! What a first year!!! Good work!!!! May the bountiful harvest continue!
    Blessings –

  4. Pulling some weeds can actually make them spread more, as they reproduce from the roots. Mulching is good, and continuous regular mowing (weed whacking) can also help.

  5. I’ve used newspaper in the past and after about 18 months it’s broken down, the weeds are usually gone. Another way is having my oldest weed for me, he enjoys it. He also goes around picking bugs off of plants. A few years ago he went to every unit where we were living that he saw plants outside at offering his services to remove bugs safely.

  6. Great post! Many of us spend a lot of each day in front of a computer. Homesteading hooks us into the natural world and the passing of the seasons, and reminds us of our place within the greater cycle of life.

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