Homemade Natural Eyebrow Filler

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Homemade Natural Eyebrow Filler

Even though all my co workers call me a “crazy hippie”, there are just some things I cannot live without. Well, I probably could, but I choose not to. One of those things would be makeup. I have a difficult time leaving the house without something on my face. Even if it is just a little homemade foundation, mascara, and eyebrow filler. Some things are more priority than others… or for me, priority comes when I run out of a certain type of makeup. Thus, I bring you homemade, natural eyebrow filler!

Homemade Natural Eyebrow Filler

This eyebrow filler is made simple and natural ingredients like cocoa or cacao powderHomemade Natural Eyebrow Filler , activated charcoal powderHomemade Natural Eyebrow Filler, and sweet almond oilHomemade Natural Eyebrow Filler. Some of these you probably already have in your pantry! non-GMO corn starchHomemade Natural Eyebrow Filler

One of my goals is to remove all of the toxic chemicals in our home, so this homemade, natural eyebrow filler is just one step closer to meeting this goal!

Switching to non-toxic products doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. This took only a few minutes.

Homemade Natural Eyebrow Filler

Simple and easy homemade eyebrow filler.
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Author: Amy K
Prep Time: 5 minutes



  • Mix ingredients together in a small bowl or jar. Using a small, thin brush, test color on your hand. Depending on the color of your eyebrows and skin, you will most likely have to adjust this recipe. For darker eyebrows, use more activated charcoal.


To use: Dip a small, thin applicator brush into your homemade eyebrow filler and place the filler on the back of you hand to remove excess. Apply to eyebrows gently. I like to apply very little, then apply more from the filler remaining on the back of my hand. Occasionally stir homemade eyebrow filler to ensure consistent color.
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Do you use eyebrow filler? What’s your favorite homemade makeup recipe?

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  1. Thanks for the recipe!

    For the other poster. I halved the recipe and it still filled two little (I think 5ml?) pots with quite a bit leftover (probably could have filled a third pot if I had one spare). I tried it tonight but found that the pigment wasn’t really strong enough for me – if I applied a lot, my eyebrows just looked like they were filled with thick greasy goo but if I wiped off the excess, there wasn’t enough pigmentation 🙁 I’m going to try and mix some more activated charcoal into one pot and some brown and black oxide into the other pot and see how it goes!

  2. The consistency of this filler does not allow for easy application. It clumps and ends up sticking to the brush more than actually filling in eyebrows. 🙁

    1. I find Almond Oil to be really “greasy”. Does this dry on the eyebrow so it won’t smudge?

    2. It will naturally absorb. You could always try a different oil that works better for your skin. Let me know how it works.

  3. Hi Amy! First off, you are NOT a “crazy hippie”. You ARE a beautiful, strong, empowered woman who has many gifts to offer the world! Although, all my friends would call me a bit of a “hippie” as well, so I completely understand. I encourage you to celebrate YOU! Secondly, I LOVE that you enjoy DIY makeup and embrace your womanhood by using it. Keep shinning!

    1. Aww thank you Kelly!!! You’re are so sweet! That was one of the best and sweetest comments I’ve every received.

  4. This looks like a fun DIY. Do you find that it lasts all day without smudging? I’d love to see a before and after shot too!

  5. Nice recipe! …but when it rains, isn’t the cocoa powder is going to drip in your eyes? Or if it gets really hot, the oil is going to drip in your eyes too. That won’t be pretty!

    1. I think you could set it with aloe gel. Just buy a large aloe leaf from an Asian grocery or whole foods. Cut a small piece off the end the leaf (wide end) and scoop out a little gel with a spoolie brush or cleaned recycled mascara wand. Apply over eyebrow filler and let dry. Wrap the cut end of the aloe leaf in plastic wrap. If you are into a super-natural lifestyle you could use a piece of molded beeswax. Aloe leaf will keep 10-15 days in ref

  6. How long might something like this last? I currently use an eyebrow powder but I too am looking to decrease expose to toxins from products. Typically it takes me a very long time to use up any quantity of eyebrow powder so I was just wondering logistically speaking if it would be sustainable to do this depending on how often it would need replaced.

  7. Hey! This looks great; I’ve been looking for a DIY eyebrow liner. 🙂 My one question is this: can you use another oil instead, like jojoba oil? Thanks!

    1. Hey Selag, while i can’t speak for the blogger, I just wanted to take a moment to vouch for castor oil. It helps stimulate hair growth! This recipe is a great way to add it to your routine (esp if you’re like me and forget to use the treatment daily)

    2. Your eyebrows will get better than usual but wont come back to original status

      i suggest get off sugar radically … most loss of hair on body is because of excessive salt and sugar intake.. processed foods are a curse too

      in the meantime keep using castor oil and eventually you will see a difference… and NO all these ignoramuses who are giving you false hopes that you will have super thick eyebrows again , its a lie

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