My Life as a New Mom

Life as a new mom

I’m not supermom and I will never be. I’m not the most organized or cleanly, but hey I’m learning. I always have a mile long list and get 4 or 5 things accomplished. My excuse is a super adorable baby.

In my dream world, when the hubby and I decided that I would go part-time, my goal was to stay at home with my baby girl, keep the house nice and orderly, and blog part-time. Then baby A came and those plans kind of went out the window. She may be the slowest breastfeeder on the planet, averaging 30-45 minutes every time. Although I must say at about 4 months she is starting to get faster. I’m well versed in current news and the Big Bang Theory. My fabulous husband makes dinner most nights, since on days I work she is attached to me for much of the evening.

She’s my boobie leech and I love her.

October 2015 2

Remember that big beautiful garden I used to blog about… Yea it’s full of weeds, weeds, and more weeds. Oh and some carrots that keep getting forgotten about. The chicken coop? Full of weeds (our old chickens moved to a free range farm during the middle of my pregnancy, but we plan to get more in the spring).

Being a mom has been the most joyous, fulfilling, and difficult thing I’ve ever done. But with every milestone, coo, and babble the more I love it. God’s grace is abundant for when I feel like I’m not doing well enough (or when she doesn’t feel like taking naps like right this moment). I feel closer to God more now than before. I lean on him more now… seeking him throughout my day for strength and endurance. And we only have one baby… I can’t wrap my mind around having more than one baby or older kids. Hats off to you moms!

Every age has different challenges, but I can’t wait to experience them with baby girl. 

October 2015

I hope this post and the community here at A Blossoming Life can help us celebrate motherhood together. What is your favorite thing about being a mom?


  1. What you say really resonates with me! I just had my first baby in July, and she is a boobie leech as well! She took an hour to feed, every time, until she was a couple of months old and it’s now down to maybe 30 minutes. She also used to spend the whole evening sucking from about 7 to midnight sometimes, with little catnaps of about 15 minutes. Those were hard days!

    My plants also died as soon as my daughter was born! And our diet changed as well, since as with you my husband was doing a lot of the cooking and things had to be simple and quick and not require the level of attention I used to give. I used to do a lot of weekly food prep to make healthy eating easier and that has gone out the window!

    So you’re not alone! Thanks for being honest.

    1. O my goodness Jennifer I think we had the same baby haha. She did the same thing in the evening too. Those were hard days, but I’m happy those days have passed. Thanks so much for sharing. And there is always next year for the garden haha.

  2. Well said! When people say to enjoy every minute because it goes so fast, they are absolutely right. I remember when I had my first newborn, it seemed like everything was so difficult and we would never get past that stage. My children are grown now and a lot of those years seem like a blur. Your baby won’t mind that you have a weed garden or that you don’t do everything right. She only knows that you love her and are there for her. Sounds like you’re doing a wonderful job at that!

    My favorite thing about being a mom has been watching them grow and change at every stage, even now. It’s a lifetime commitment and it’s challenging and wonderful! God bless your family!

    1. Thank you Michelle! I totally agree. Even the hardest days when she was a newborn and had some problems seem like just a puff of air. It’s hard to remember her even being that little and it was only a few short months ago haha. Thank you for sharing!

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