One Ingredient DIY Dry Shampoo

One Ingredient DIY Dry Shampoo

Shampooing your hair… What a chore! Ok ok it isn’t really that bad, but I still don’t do it every day. Confession time friends. In high school I would go up to 2 weeks without washing my hair. Sounds gross right? Well I had this crazy curly hair and so I would rinse it off with water, add more condition, put in a ton of mouse, and voila I didn’t have to wash my hair like ever. Fast forward to now and my hair is kind of wavy because I stopped coloring/frying my hair, it repaired itself, and straightened out. So now I can go maybe 3 days without washing. By that third day it starts to look real gnarly. You know from sweating in your sleep and your hair getting plastered to your head from your pillow? So I remembered this trick that my beautician mother taught me. 

You can use corn starch or baby powder in your hair to soak up that grease and give you fresh looking hair for another day.  I prefer to use Non-GMO Corn Starch. I’ve also not heard good things about baby powder which is another reason I use corn starch.  

DIY Dry Shampoo

To use: Simply rub some corn starch on your hands or sprinkle it near your scalp and rub it in with your finger. Continue to add corn starch until you reach desired cleanliness. Allow to sit for a minute and comb through your hair. 

If you have dark hair you can add some coco powder to the mix to darken the mix in up. 

That’s it. Such a simple trick that works magic! Have you tried this simple trick before?

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  1. Hi Amy! First of all- I love your blog!!
    I have tried this before with cornstarch and cocoa powder, but it didn’t work so well. I’m not sure if I did something wrong or if my hair was just too dirty. Also, the colour was still too light, so I tried cocoa powder only. It just made my hair very dull-looking. Any suggestions?

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