Top 10 Posts of 2012

I just want to thank everyone out there who has supported this blog and has made it what it is today. Lately, I have been feeling so blessed to be able to share all my crazy ideas with you here and love hearing from my viewers how you learned how to do something because of a post I did! Isn’t that what blogging is all about?

This year has been crazy with lots of highs and lows (grad schools does that to you) and I am super excited with what the new year will bring. I have lots of fun and exciting plans for this blog this year so stay tuned.

Here is the roundup of the most popular posts from this year!
So I found this recipe through Frugally Sustainable and although it worked for me a lot of people had issues with it so its back to the drawing board. I have been working on a new recipe that should hopefully be completed soon!
Although this one is from 2011 it still is a top posts this year thanks to being published at a large website.
So what was your favorite project from A Blossoming Life this year?


  1. Altho this was meant for the younger generation, as a retiree, living on a very small income, this site is worth it’s weight in gold.
    I have always been a “do-it-yourselfer”, but age has slowed me down so I can’t do a lot of physical repairs myself, but I sure can mix up a lot of stuff!! Have you tried vinegar and blue Dawn mixed together as a cleaner. Works wonderfully. And peroxide and blue dawn as a stain remover? Found those on Pinterest. Thanks for the great ideas.

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