Whole30 Week 1 Update

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whole 30 week

Today marks the 7th day of my Whole30! I got to say it hasn’t been too terrible so far. The morning of day 1 I started getting sick, which has been a blessing in disguise. A lot of people say they feel terrible while you’re trying to get over the first few days without sugar… Well I felt terrible because I was sick so I attributed it to my illness rather than focusing on how I couldn’t have chocolate and ice cream!

I’ve seen an improvement in my eczema. It has virtually gone away on my arms and legs and is starting to go away on my most problem area, aka my hands. I also feel like my energy is improving and more consistent. Even with fighting this illness, I’m not having that super drowsy, I need a nap right this second feeling I’ve had for the last few years.

Experimenting in the kitchen has been super fun (like this amazing and addicting almond butter). I’m not in love with cooking and food prep, but doing Whole30 has helped me get out of my rut and bring back a passion for cooking I had long long ago. Stay tuned for another delicious recipe coming soon!

almond date butter 3

Some things that have been super helpful in these last 7 days have been…

  • Removed non-approved food from the house.
  • Preparing bulk food to keep on stash to throw together a quick lunch while I’m running out the door.
  • Having a Whole30 Facebook group with a handful of friends so we can share ideas, recipes, and discuss issues we are having.
  • Pinterest… Helpful and not helpful. There are tons of great Whole30 recipes on Pinterest, but hello Pinterest is full of delicious desserts! Follow my Whole30 Pinterest board
  • Stocking up on frozen food! We stocked up on frozen squash, sweet potatoes, veggies, fruit, and lots of meat from our “meat run.” This has been a lifesaver!
  • Meal planning. Create a list of recipes or ideas for meals throughout the week can help take away the guess-work, help make grocery shopping easier, and has limited the hubs saying “What are we having for dinner?” and me responding “I don’t know. What are you making?” :).
  • The Whole30 Timeline

Hope you find this helpful in your Whole30 journey! How has your Whole30 been so far? If you have already done it I would love to hear how your experience went!

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