DIY Glass Sippy Cup

DIY Sippy Cup

Hey y’all we’re talking about mason jars today. Just in case you missed the last post, it was all about getting rid of toxins in the kitchen. One thing we talked about was getting rid of was plastic. Plastics are unhealthy for us and the environment. They contain endocrine disruptors and have been linked to cancer, obesity, and many other health problems. The more plastic I can get rid of in my house the better. Enter in the DIY Sippy cup.

Today I’m going to show you a super easy DIY sip cup you can make out of a mason jars. Because mason jars are a magical magical thing people. What can’t you use a mason jar for? For reals.

I know what some of y’all are thinking. Glass sippy cup? What about toddlers throwing things? Yes yes, toddlers do throw things. Or in our case adults dropping it. These things are pretty darn durable, but if you’re worried about that they make neoprene covers for that!

DIY Glass Sippy Cup


Regular mouth mason jar (like these)

Nuby sippy cup lids (like these)

Neoprene covers (optional) (like these)

Stainless steel rings- size regular (optional, I just don’t like that the aluminum ones rust) (like these)


Clean all parts (except neoprene covers). Insert Nuby lid into ring, pressing it in securely. Screw onto mason jar. That is all. Your child can now use your awesome DIY sippy cup.

Easiest DIY ever. 

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  1. This is nifty! I’m going to give it a shot! We are looking for ways to cut our waste and finding sippy cups have been hard.

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