Natural DIY Bronzer

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DIY bronzer is a simple and inexpensive makeup recipe to give your skin a sun-kissed glow. Homemade bronzer is made from natural ingredients you can feel good about. Follow my tips below when you make natural makeup recipe.

Ingredients you will need: cornstarch, cocoa powder, and cinnamon. 

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DIY Bronzer Backstory

I’m really excited to be sharing another homemade makeup recipe. This week, we are talking about bronzer! It’s been awhile since using bronzer, because it always just felt like one of those extra items I didn’t reallllllyyyy need.

Being on a tight budget makes us really decide what is a want and a need. Sorry bronzer, you were a want so you got put on the back burner. That is until I figured out how to make it.

Also, I never felt comfortable wearing store-bought bronzer, because I am so pasty pale that it made me look more orange than tan. I like to joke and say that I am so pale, I am blue (you know because you can see my veins…).

It took me a really long time to embrace my skin. I used to tan a lot back in the day, even though I don’t really tan well. I get blotchy and turn other colors besides tan.

But, of course, I wanted to look tan since that was “in”. Since getting married, I really began to embrace the skin God gave me. No more tanning, even tanning outside, and learned to embrace my beautiful skin.

So, why am I going back to using bronzer? Well, for one – you ladies! I know there are a ton of people that do use bronzer, and I want to give you a natural, inexpensive alternative!

And plus, it’s summer, and I want a little glow myself!

Tips For Making DIY Bronzer

  • Start slow when adding in ingredients.
  • Don’t make it too dark, I like to go about one to two shades darker than my skin tone. 
  • If you do accidentally make this homemade bronzer too dark, just add some more cornstarch.
  • Depending on the season you may have to change this recipe up. For instance, you are probably slightly tanner in the summer than you are in the winter. You bronzer recipe may need to be slightly darker in the summer.

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DIY Bronzer Recipe

Homemade Bronzer Ingredients:

Note: I used to add beet powder, but have since stopped adding this because it is something I don’t always have on hand.

How To Make DIY Bronzer

  1. Start with 1 Tbs of cornstarch or arrowroot powder.
  2. Add in small amounts of cocoa powder and cinnamon until desired color is reached.
  3. Test it on the back of your hand to make sure it is the color is just right.
  4. Write it down so you don’t forget it.

Note: Makeup is kind of tricky because we all have such different colors of skin. So, what works for me may not work for you, and you may have to adjust your recipe!

My homemade bronzer recipe:

  • 1 Tbs organic cornstarch
  • 2 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • I used to add beet powder, but just skip this now.

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How To Use DIY Bronzer

  1. Apply your makeup as you normally would: foundation, powder foundation, etc.
  2. Dip brush into homemade bronzer and tap off any access.
  3. Apply on face. I like to start on my check bones and then apply in a circular motion.

This recipe is super easy and frugal! You can feel good about what you are putting on your skin!

This post was updated March 2019.


  1. Please, substitute arrowroot powder for corn starch. You are making this at least in part to get away from the cancer causing ingredients in store bought makeup. Yet corn is the most genetically modified and pesticide soaked crop in the US. Arrowroot powder is a safer alternative and available at just about every grocery store chain in North America.

  2. Just wondering if you have ever made a organic or natural tinted moisturizer for face. I’m not seeing anything like that anywhere on Pinterest. Thanks Carol.

  3. hey, I just had one questioning regarding the beet powder; it says optional so I was just wondering what the affect of it was so I could decide if I wanted to add it or not. Thanks! (:

    1. Hey. It adds a bit of a rosy tone to it. Honestly, I would leave it out. It’s been awhile since I created this recipe and the beet root powders are just not the same. Many are too thick for this recipe.

  4. Great recipes for natural products. Love them all. I was wondering if there’s anything similar for highliter? A natural version 🙂

  5. same goes for this…can it be made into a pressed powder? btw just occured to me this would be great non toxic “play make-up” for my kids if i made them very light 😀

    1. I have made this before, and it turned out great. To make it into a pressed powder, I added some shea butter (melted) and fractionated coconut oil, just until it stays pressed, but was still fairly powdery. Make sure you have some time to experiment, and something to press the powder into! I actually used regular cornstarch when I was experimenting , so that I didn’t waste arrowroot powder (which can be much more expensive).

  6. Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve quit using makeup at all because of the ingredients. Now, I have a choice to use or not safely without putting toxins into my bloodstream.

  7. I can’t believe i never thought of this… I made dry hair shampoo for dark hair but never occurred to tweak the recipe a bit and use a bronzer. genius. now… if only i could figure out how to give it a bit of a gray undercast. I have a cool skin tone MAC NW25 and they’re shading palette is expensive and can’t be found just anywhere.

  8. Hi! Hopping thru Ginger Snap Crafts blog hop. I pinned your blush “recipe” the other day and just pinned this one as well. I can’t wait to try these. I have a slight make up obsession that can get costly so I love the idea of making it myself for cheaper and knowing the ingredients in it. I will continue to follow.

    1. I also thought immediately about the cinnamon! Is that a real risk or just a couple of us being overly concerned?

  9. Making my own makeup is on my list of things to do. How do these powders sit on your skin? Do they come off easily, look pasty, etc?

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