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Its been a little over  a month now since we adopted little miss Olive from St. Francis Care, and she has been such a blessing. She is the sweetest little thing that always wants to snuggle, be in your lap, and kiss your face. It’s weird to actually have a dog that gets really excited to see you. She took to potty training really well and now she is sleeping all night without going outside (hallelujah). She’s really good and super smart. I can take her places and she won’t cause trouble (unlike Kaia).

I was a little nervous about her and Kaia since Kaia got kind of jealous when we dog sit for other people and she plays kinda rough. But o man do they love each other sooo much its adorable. And Olive can take Kaia! Poor Kaia has cuts all over her face from Olive’s puppy teeth!

We took Olive to her first puppy playtime at Petco a few weeks back and she just sat in the corner and hid from all the puppies. So the next time around I thought it would be a good idea to bring Kaia. They were so funny together. Olive got so much more courageous and would just walk with Kaia everywhere underneath her. Everyone kept asking if they knew each other and we would tell them they were sisters and they would just go “awwww so cute.”

I always find it funny how someone could love such a cute little ball of fur so much. I’m so thankful that my husband surprised me with her. She is such a blessing and wouldn’t trade her for the world! I’m so excited for my parents to meet her this Thanksgiving it should be fun!

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  1. Don’t pets just make life complete? We currently have 3 standard poodles, average weight 50 lbs. I believe there’s a pic on facebook of Lucy (a rescue) on my lap in a recliner. All 3 have been on me at once, I’m seriously pinned. Hubs calls them “our grands”.

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