Natural Allergy Relief Drink

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Allergies are sooooo annoying! Can I hear a amen? But seriously as soon as spring comes around for me its terrible and the sneezing, itchy/watery eyes, and asthma comes on strong. I am literally allergic to almost everything under the sun: grass, weeds, trees, flowers, etc. Luckily I’m not allergic to dogs.
That would be heartbreaking. This year since being on a more natural journey, I wanted to find a natural allergy relief. Well that, and my allergy medicine ran out and I didn’t want to buy more so I started looking for a natural solution. There are other natural remedies than this, but this is what I have tried so far and what works for me. You can also check out this post on how to make elderberry syrup which helps fight flu, colds, and allergies. 

Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: not only is it rich in vitamins and minerals, it is believed to block histamine reactions which causes the hypersensitivity to environmental allergies. So by drinking it (recommended to dilute it with water) this should alleviate some allergies on its own.

Local Honey- is honey that is grown closest to where you live (I’ve hear it should be within 20 miles). Bees collect pollen from your area and it ends up in your honey. Then it builds up in your system and you can become immune to the pollen in your area. Thus, decreasing your allergies. It might not work for everyone.
Warning: do not give honey to children under 12 months

Natural Allergy Relief Drink


  • 1 Tbs local honey
  • 1 Tbs raw organic apple cider vinegar (I use this kind)
  • warm water

Directions: Place honey and raw organic apple cider vinegar in a tall glass and fill will warm water. Stir to dissolve honey and drink away. I drink this twice a day. I can feel when it starts to wear off and know I need another drink. You can also add a squeeze a lemon for extra deliciousness!

Side note: Let me just tell you that I am extremely allergic to cats and yesterday I was at a friends who had 2 cats and had no reaction until the very end when I sat on the couch that the cats lay on and it was still only 2 sneezes. Not to shabby!

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies? What have you tried that works.


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  1. I have just been tested for allergies. Unfortunately, the local honey won’t help me. I have mostly mold, and tree allergies. I just started my shots today. (2). One for the molds, and one for airborne junk. I do love honey, and use it for my herbal tea.

  2. I have started taking apple cider vinegar and honey in warm water for other reasons – like flu season coming soon in the Southern Hemisphere – but has noticed that since I have been taking it, my chronic sinusitus seems better. I will keep doing it, as I notice quite a few changes for the better.

  3. Does this really work?!? I really suffer from allergies.
    I am stopping by from Whimsy Wednesday…and I stumbled upon this post. I will be trying this!
    I wanted to invite you to a link party I am hosting right now…a link party for OLD posts. You know, those things we posted when only our moms and husbands were reading our blogs…or is that just me?? Anyway, let’s get some more traffic and pins out of those posts!
    Hope to see you there!

    1. Yes it does! I have had friends who have tried it and it has worked great for them! Thanks for the invite Nancy I will go over there right now and link up!

  4. I’m a new follower, and I’m about to try my first cup of ACV & Honey for my mold allergies. I have a severe rxn to molds when any rain or cold front blows in. I’m instantly congested and it moves straight into my chest where I will cough for the next 2+ weeks. We are located in central Texas where the allergies are extremely bad. I am anxious to see if this works b/c I’m desperate! I am all about adding a healthy drink into my daily routine, especially if I know it’ll keep my mold allergies at bay.
    Are there any mold allergy sufferers out there who have tried this with success?

  5. I’ve just started ACV and local honey for allergies, and I’ve even added a touch of bee pollen I got at Sprouts for a couple bucks. So far so good!

    1. Bee pollen is great for helping to relieve allergies among a lot of other health benefits. Royal Jelly is also a great help for over all health.

  6. I know this is an old post but in case others like me are late comers I will add a few comments. I have been drinking this for 4 years now. Started it to treat gastic reflux, heart burn, GERD, acid indigetion and anything else others term it and to my surprise it greatly helped with my allergies, chronic sinus infections and asthma! If this vinegar drink is not helping your GERD then make sure you are drinking it with meals only, sip it as you would coffee or tea rather than gulp it all down at once. Also sipping through a straw is advisable to keep your teeth safe, however please know that sodas and fruit juices will do the same thing to unprotected teeth.
    It seems counter-intuitive to be able to cure an acid problem with an acid until you understand that the cause of your “too much stomach acid” problem is actually rooted in a too little acid problem. Those of us that have this problem really have a problem with too little acid which on the surface looks to be just the opposite. When we have too little acid in our stomachs and then eat our brains realize we don’t have enough acid to digest what we just ate so it kicks acid production into high gear to compensate this. Problem is by the time our bodies produce the needed acid and pump it into our guts the food that triggered the need for all that extra acid has moved on and the extra acid is dumped into an empty tummy. This is where the acid reflux symptoms hit us. If you drink the vinegar while you are consuming the food it increases you acid level in your stomach so your brain doesn’t assess too little acid. It does not kick your internal acid production into overdrive to compensate for low acid levels. This lag in the body’s acid production is another reason why it is better for us to graze on small meals and healthy snacks all throughout to day rather than eat three large meals a day. It provides a more constant and moderated acid production rather than the huge peaks and valleys that cause us problems.
    I am an RN and have seen first hand the long term damage antacid and acid suppressing drugs do to people. There are things your doctors do not tell you, for whatever reason, that you need to know to make a truly informed decision regarding your own health. Sometimes the doctors don’t even know this or they would be telling you. Take the time and do the research until you are satisfied you are doing what is right for you.

  7. I have been trying to get hubby who has Acid Reflux to try the ACV (we bought Bragg’s) but he can’t get past the smell, taste, and the idea he is drinking “floaties” as he calls it. he says it looks like soda after a toddler “back washes”… Any advice? LOL

    1. I feel like my husband would do the same thing haha. Have you tried making this recipe above? It is actually really tasty and if he still doesn’t like it maybe add more honey and a squirt/ a slice of lemon. Then maybe he will think the floating things are from the lemon not the braggs! Hope this helps let me know how it goes!

  8. Apple cider vinegar has a lot of benefits. It is VERY acidic so make sure you vigorously rinse your mouth with water immediately after or it will eat away at your enamel. Do not brush for at least 2 hours after. (this coming directly from my dentist)
    I started taking ACV on advice from a friend who swore it was good for acid reflux. I was skeptical at first because I didn’t understand how an acidic drink could heal an ACID problem in the stomach. Finally I gave in and tried it. 2 weeks later I was off the Nexium (prescription for acid reflux) for the first time in years.
    I also noticed my energy levels were picking up and my skin seemed so much smoother and I wasn’t having the normal acne with my cycle every month. I did some research and discovered that it’s the ACV.
    Apparently it’s good for a LOT of different things. It can lower cholesterol, helps with acne (when you drink it and you can use it as an astringent) , brightens skin, aids in weight loss, helps with acid reflux and so much more.
    I don’t know about all of those things but I can tell you with certainty that it does work for acid reflux. I’m living proof.
    Oh, make sure you get certified organic ACV. Bragg brand is the best. Look for something with an ingredient in it called “mother”. This is the most beneficial part. You can find this in most health food stores. The kind you find at grocery stores are not as good, as they have been thoroughly filtered and lose most of “the good stuff” in the process.

    1. Thank you so much for all this great information. I have heard before that it can help with acid reflux and I am hoping it will help with my GERD hasn’t yet. I always dilute the ACV a lot because one its nasty if you don’t and 2 someone told me about the enamel! Another benefit I have found is that I am not as hungry as I used to be and seems to be helping me lose weight (that or the stress of grad school and lack of time). Thanks again for the great information! and Im glad your acid reflux went away!

  9. Found your blog through Frugal Days Sustainable Ways link up…loving it πŸ™‚ I have been looking for good all natural allergy relief…thanks for the simple recipe. Pinning this too…hope that is ok!

    1. My friend has told me that garlic literally cures all. She once told me when my ear was clogged to put a clove of garlic in it overnight! I was to nervous to try it. Thanks for stopping by I will check out your link!!

  10. Hi!
    I drink this too, everyday, and I love it. My version is cold in a tall glass with ice…..I love the taste and could drink it all day. Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar is so good mixed with a little honey.

    I’m new here, stop on over for a visit sometime πŸ™‚

  11. I will have to give this a try – with our mild winter and an early spring – I’ve been suffering a little bit. Glad I stopped by.

  12. I was just telling my hubby about local honey. I really think he needs to try it. I never knew about the vinegar though. I’ll have to add that to the list.:)

  13. Thanks for the info. I have been looking for a natural allergy relief. I have known about local honey for years, but for whatever reason, just got out of the habit of buying it. Need to get back to that. I’m kinda scared to try the vinegar, but since the over the counter allergy meds gave me heart palpitations, time to try things anyway.
    Thanks again,

    1. The vinegar is really not bad! Especially with the honey. I was drinking it with just the diluted apple cider vinegar because I didn’t have the local honey yet and it was kinda rough! But as soon as I added the honey it was a million times better and I actually enjoy drinking it now!

  14. Be careful using vinegar for allergy relief. If you have a mold allergy absolutely do not use vinegar. It will only make your allergy worse because vinegar contains an extremely high concentration of mold spores. I am extremely sensitive to mold and this is one item that my allergies told me to avoid at all cost. I do not even use it as a disinfected either because it leaves mold spores on the surfaces. This is only for folks with mold allergies and a little known fact to others.

    1. Hmmm thats really interesting I have never heard of that before! Im pretty positive I am allergic to mold and haven’t had an issue yet but if I start I will know why! Thanks for the info!

    2. Amy, I have to believe this person is referring to white vinegar..perhaps?
      Braggs ACV containing mold spores?….I would contact the company before believing this.
      I have their book & love their products…especially the dressings!

    3. I also have a severe mold allergy which has been affirmed both environmentally and medically by specialists. This vinegar and honey drink has made it possible for me, a moderate to severe asthmatic,to come completely off all my prescription meds for 4 years now. So,while this may be bad for some with allergies to mold it is not detrimental to all who have mold allergies. There are many different types of molds.

    4. Is the “mother of vinegar” being considered as “mold” in the April anonymous comment, I wonder? Like Anonymous of the July comment, I have confirmed severe mold allergy and apple cider vinegar is my friend, with or without local honey. Search for a Fire Cider recipe for congestion problems…awesome.

    5. I have a mild allergy to. I have to avoid foods with aspergillius niger in it too. For example citric acid, ir acid are just two of its guises on labels. It is an preservative that is artificial grown in labs from mould. It’s cheaper than using real citric acid you see, but it’s highly toxic. For some reason the food industry has deemed it safe to use!

  15. We use local honey a lot. This drink my husband makes when he feels a cold or cough coming on, and it seems to work for him. I take a small bit of raw local honey each day, and that definitely helps, and who doesn’t like a spoonful of honey πŸ™‚

    1. So true! And I never feel bad about it because I tell myself this is so good for me lol! I love drinking honey and sleepy time tea which is a chamomile tea when I get sick just makes me feel better! Thanks for commenting!

  16. Local honey has been awesome for me. I started buying it at the Coop 2 years ago. I’ve slowly needed less and less of my allergy meds. I started off with 2 of the Allegra D 24 hour pills a day and now I just take the pills a few times a year when everything is pollenating. I figure local honey costs a lot less than the allery meds and I’m going to be using honey anyway.

    1. Hey my name is Jason I’m trying this starting today.
      I’m 46 and this is the first year of my life I have ever had alergies
      So wish me luck and thanks for the information

    2. I hope this works for you Jason! You may also want to try an elimination diet. Dairy makes my allergies worse. If I avoid it I basically have zero environmental allergies.

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