Natural & Eco-Friendly Gift Guide – Kid Edition

Natural & Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas- Kid Edition

I have talked about my despise of toys here for a while.

The mess… and kids tend to play with them for 30 seconds and then be done with them.

But as a parent, I do love giving good gifts to our toddler.

So, even though we keep toys to a minimum, I do love to have high-quality toys that we can keep around for a long time and/or that foster creativity. What kid doesn’t love to make something and show what they have created?

We usually try to do a three gift rule for our toddler. Something they need, something they want, and something spiritual. But, our family needs ideas also, so this is a great list to share with them. Even though most of these things are on the want list, they still are fun and creative.

What makes a toy eco-friendly? This list includes items that are made with recycled materials, wooden toys painted with non-toxic ingredients, made without toxic/possible endocrine disrupting chemicals (phylates, BPA, PVC, etc), and/or toys that are made to last.

I love all of these items and think your kids will love them, too. Plus, they are pretty reasonably priced.

15 Eco-Friendly Gifts Guide – Kids

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  1. Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug, Ladybugbaby girl got this last year for Christmas and loves it. It’s really fun
  2. Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons
  3. Seedling Create Your Own Designer Dolly Kit
  4. Organic Veggie Crate
  5. Top Race® 12 Piece Tool Box, Solid Wood Tool Box with Colorful Wooden Tools
  6. Glob All Natural Paint Kits
  7. Green Toys Fire Truck
  8. Ergobaby Toy Doll Carrier
  9. Green Toys Tractor Vehicle
  10. PlanActivity Flower Set
  11. Melissa & Doug Food Groups & Pots and Pans Bundle
  12. Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle with Flip Cap
  13. Good Morning Bundle Toy
  14. Play Teepee
  15. Hape – Early Melodies – Rock and Rhythm Band Wooden Drum Set

There you have it.  My list of 15 natural and eco-friendly gift ideas for your little ones. Hope you have a great holiday season. Come back to check out more natural and eco-friendly gift guides we have coming up!

If you want some inspitation for the natural living adult in your life, make sure to check out the adult version here.

You will also want to use a more eco-friendly way to wrap gifts, you can find that tutorial here.

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