Weight Loss Wednesday: Planning Ahead


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My Progress:

New weight:134 down 1 lb from last week
Goal weight:117
Total lost: 9 lbs

First off let me just tell you that I am a terrible planner! That’s what my husband is for. He is the planner and the clean one and my life on the other hand is crazy and jumbled the majority of the time. But when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle (remember we are not on a diet) you need to try to at least plan a little bit so that you can stay on track. Sometimes we get caught off guard or running late to work so we can’t pack a lunch. So what do you do?

Think about the week ahead

For me there are some days were I am away from home from 8 in the morning until 8 at night so I have to look at my schedule and think what am I doing, when will I have time to make dinner, when am I going to have to eat away from home, and what can I make that will have left overs to bring with me to work (my favorite one)!

Make a list

Before you go grocery shopping make a list of things you need. What your going to make for dinner and lunch. Also, think about snacks. I am a huge snack person and have at least one to two snacks between each meal. I get hungry very often so I always keep fruit, veggies, or a granola bar on hand. Plus, snacks are a great way to get in your 9 fruits and veggies a day (yep, the USDA changed “5 a Day” to “More Matters” and I heard you should aim for 9). It keeps your metabolism going, but make sure you are picking healthy low fat snacks!

Plan to Pack Your Lunch

The morning or the night before whatever works best in your schedule. Pack a lunch. This morning I made a wrap with a whole wheat tortilla, avocado, and chicken left over from last nights dinner. Then a side of broccoli and another side of potatoes, onions, and mushrooms. It can be as simple as making a sandwich and taking left overs. Or sometimes on Sunday I will make a big pot of something just to take for lunches the rest of the week.

What if you run out of time?

Sometimes you just don’t have time to pack a lunch, but don’t give up! You don’t need to run to the nearest drive through. Bring healthy “tv” dinners. I wouldn’t recommend this for everyday, but on occasion when you forget to pack food or whatever, grab a lean cuisine, healthy choice, Kashi meals, or other healthier options to bring with. This way you are not tempted to run through the drive through and get a big burger, french fries, and regular pop. So next time you are at the grocery shopping buy a few meals for those just in case moments. Plus they are cheaper then eating out.

If you have to eat out….

Sometimes there is just no getting around it! Don’t worry just find the healthier places to eat around you like subway, jimmy johns, we have an amazing vegetarian place called Long Branch here, or local healthy grocery stores like Whole Foods (there are still unhealthy options at these places so try to choose wisely). If you don’t have anything like that around you then you can try to find the healthier food options at the fast food places. Ask for their calorie menu and pick the best choice.

Remember one fall back does not ruin your healthy lifestyle so don’t get all bummed out. You will face barriers and challenges, but you will get through them!

What are some things you prepare for lunch?

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