100% Natural Makeup You Don’t Have to DIY

Do you want to switch to natural makeup, but don’t want to start making them yourself? Well, today I’m sharing with you my favorite natural makeup that you don’t have to DIY.

This is not a paid sponsored post (although, they did give me three free products to try and promote on Facebook, but I was already using many of their other products). I just love 100% Pure natural makeup so much I had to share with you. Some of the links are affiliate links. This helps support A Blossoming Life at no extra cost to you.

I Just Can’t DIY Everything All. The. Time

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. I’m all for DIYing almost anything, but what I’ve learned from having a baby (now toddler) and working from home is that I just don’t have the time anymore to DIY absolutely everything. I keep it to the easy basics, like my all-purpose cleaner, homemade powder foundations, and my natural skincare routine. This I can DIY. But, when it came to other makeup products? Nope. I would rather just pay someone to make it for me (geese… I sound like my mother). Is that terrible?

Don’t get me wrong, I will still try my hand at making my own products, especially to share on this blog with you. BUTTTT, I’m not super woman, and would rather spend my time elsewhere – like cooking delicious and healthy food from scratch, hanging out with my daughter, blogging here with you guys, and getting dirty in the garden.

Here is the thing: even though I’m throwing in the towel when it comes to some DIY products (I just posted this recipe the other day), I’m not caving on my super-high, all-natural standards. It makes me cringe thinking about all those years of putting harmful products on my body. We can only learn and grow right?

That is why I love 100% Pure Natural Makeup

100% Pure is just that. They produce their natural makeup line from 100% natural ingredients you can pronounce. Your body absorbs 60% of what you put on it and conventional makeup contains many harmful ingredients (i.e. hormone disrupting and carcinogenic chemicals, heavy metals etc.). Not something I want to be putting on my body. So, using 100% Pure products is something you can feel good about. A few of their products are on EWG and score high on safety.

My Favorites So Far

I’ve been using their black tea liquid eyeliner (for when I want a nice cat-eye), black tea fruit pigmented mascara, eyebrow gel (which lasts forever by the way), mimosa blush, concealer, and coffee bean eye cream for a few months now, and they are all amazing. All day wear without smudging. The coffee bean eye cream reduces my eye puffiness and dark circles in like 10 minutes. Using that, plus the concealer makes it almost look like I don’t have a teething toddler that decided she wants to wake up 500 times a night…. fabulous! The makeup has all day wear with no smudging.

I started by just purchasing what I needed at the time, and added on from there. I usually google 100% Pure coupons before purchasing, and I can typically find 20% off coupons or so. 100% Pure will also offer different deals throughout the month, so keep a lookout. It always feels good to get a discount, right?

Have you tried 100% Pure products? Are you also in love?



    1. Me too! There are so many products I want to try… Hoping this month I’ll get to try their foundation.

    2. Foundation is the next thing on our list. There are three of us using make-up, here, and we all have different skin types. That means it’s roing to be a challenge to find the right ones, especially considering the cost.

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