How To Cloth Diaper a Heavy Wetter

How To Cloth Diaper A Heavy Wetter

We’ve been cloth diapering since August was one-month-old, and I love it. Unfortunately, once she was about a year old, we started having some major leaking issues. I thought it was an issue with the cloth diaper. I tried everything. They were stripped 500 times and new inserts were purchased, but to no avail. Then, one day, while we were attending a wedding, my husband changed baby girl in the back of the car (totally throwing him under the bus here) and left her diaper-free for a few minutes. Of course, she decided to pee during that time. Who wouldn’t enjoy the freedom to pee without a diaper on? It was at that point I finally figured out the problem. She was a heavy wetter. There was pee pooled in the seat (yeah, I won’t sit in the backseat anymore, even though the car has been detailed). It was all over her dress, all over her legs, it was a mess really fun time. So, we did what any parent would do… We wiped her down with baby wipes, put her dress on (it was actually only slightly peed on), pretended like nothing happened, and attended the reception.

After that, I continued trying everything to keep her in cloth diapers, but for a while, I gave up (I used these disposables). I just couldn’t handle her leaking through every diaper, changing her 500 times per day, and changing her clothes the same amount of times. Until my hubby started to get on to me. You know, the whole cost-saving, saving the environment thing. So, I figured out a way to cloth diaper my super-soaker that didn’t involve changing her every hour.

Other Ways To Help Leak Issues

If you are having issues with leaking but don’t think you have a super-soaker, you can try to strip the diapers and the inserts (according to your diaper manufacturer’s instructions), make sure your inserts/absorbency is in the middle for girls and in the front of the diaper for boys, and that the diaper is fitting correctly (there are no gaps in the legs).

How To Cloth Diaper A Heavy Wetter

My original diapers came with bamboo-microfiber blend inserts. I tried to double these up, and she peed right through them. Then, I purchased multiple inserts including: cotton pre-folds, bamboo/cotton pre-folds (like this kind), and hemp inserts (I use this kind). Each one did pretty much nothing to stop this. But, when I added the hemp insert and bamboo pre-fold together… magic. 

Best Absorbing Materials:

Hemp and bamboo work best for absorption. Bamboo absorbs rather quickly, while hemp absorbs a lot of liquid, but absorbs it more slowly. My favorite combo is placing the bamboo/cotton pre-fold (folded in 3) on top of the hemp insert and stuffing them in our pocket diaper. Or a lot of times, I stuff the hemp insert into the pocket and lay the folded pre-fold on top. The bamboo pre-fold does a great job with quick absorption, and the hemp is the ultimate absorber, but takes a little longer. They are the perfect pair. Plus, this is a little less bulky. Her butt is still huge, though. Unfortunately, with heavy wetters, you won’t get a nice, thin diaper. You will have to learn to deal with the bulk. All that bulkiness means more absorption. My opinion is that it’s pretty cute. Those big fluffy butts under some jeggings are adorable and comical. Maybe it’s so funny because August is so tiny.

I only have a few hemp inserts, so I will put two bamboo/cotton pre-folds together, which does a pretty darn good job and is definitely the less bulky option. But, I feel more secure doing one hemp insert with the bamboo pre-fold. Too many leaks that I don’t want to relive. You may also be able to use bamboo inserts instead of pre-folds, but I just found what works for us for the best price. I also top my diapers with these awesome liners. That way I can just toss out the poop rather than use a diaper sprayer.

Are you having issues with a heavy wetter? What has worked for you?

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  1. My son is a average to heavy wetter but he is 4 so a average pee for him is alot. Potty training isnt going so well out of the hosue. I found a large gmd prefold with a hemp and bamboo inserts in the middle is the magic for him. It even hold up over night. His butt is super bulky but its the only thing to hold up his pants sometimes. He has been in cloth since he was a baby so its all he knows. Thanks for sharing what works for you. I atleast know im not alone with the super eztra bulky diapers

  2. Thank you for the info. I on week 2 of CD and told my husband that it may not work for our 2 year old. I really wss trying to avoid the Bulky butt.

    1. The older they get it can become harder because they can usually hold their pee for much longer. I’ve tried to cloth diaper my 2.5 year old at night time and forget about it because she pees sooo much at night. But my son is a heavy wetter also and this works for him, but he is only 3 months old

  3. With my first, I gave up at 13 months. One pee, and whatever I threw at her leaked. I tried everything the nappy library had. I purchased lots of stuff. But nothing. Even the disposables only hold one pee, and (at now three years old) we still change her at least once per night, and STILL have lots of leaks. Thank God she is day dry.

    My second is now 13 months, and the stakes are a bit higher, because she really IS allergic against disposables. She’s started leaking through her XKKO cotton flats, which had been bullet proof. I got 4m of 250gsm hemp cotton jersey on sale for €60 incl shipping. I got ten 65cm flats out of it (perfectly square thanks to pre-washing), plus five “half”-flats, which are useful as night add ons. And as it’s Jersey, no sewing involved.

    I don’t like bamboo. Too many washing restrictions. Softness does not last long. Not that much better than cotton with absorbency.

    I’m looking at getting another 4m, this time 350gsm hemp-cotton fleece. That takes up twice as much as the Jersey, and the rough surface helps dealing with “floodings”, I hope. But it’s also much more expensive.

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