30 Day Natural Living Challenge

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Have you thought to yourself that you really want to start living more naturally or becoming more sustainable, but you have no idea where to start? Well friends, I’m excited to announce that myself and some really awesome bloggers are going to be spending the next 30 days sharing some simple and easy ways to become more natural and sustainable!

We are going to cover lots of topics like gardening, fashion, cleaning, whole foods, homemade skin products, and more. We hope to inspire you to live more naturally and give you the courage to take the first step. Sometimes, the first step is the hardest and the most rewarding! You will wonder why you didn’t make some changes years ago!

Meet the bloggers behind the 30 Day Natural Challenge

Kristin from Live Simply

I love Kristin’s blog! She shares amazing whole food recipes, natural skin care recipes, her backyard chickens, and is all about making things from scratch! Kristin shares amazing tips to help you raise natural kids!

Colleen from Five Little Homesteaders

Colleen share’s fabulous gardening tips,  herbal remedies, recipes, cleaning products, and her homesteading lifestyle on her blog. I love that she doesn’t have a 100 or even 1 acre, but a 0.15 acre homestead!

Kristi from The Mind to Homestead

Kristi share’s great herbal remedies, recipes, cleaning products, gardening tips, and other homesteading tips on her blog. She also has a super small homestead on 0.18 acres, showing you don’t have to have a ton of land to be a homesteader!

Jordan from LilyWhite Designs

Jordan is one of those people that can literally make anything! On her blog she shares her many projects, sewing tips, faith, and now baby/prego projects! Jordan works from home creating amazing one of a kind things like wedding dresses, bags, shirts, and pretty much anything else made from old and new things.

And Me Amy from A Blossoming Life

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I’m a Registered Dietitian from the suburbs of Chicago transplanted into southern Illinois. My hubby and I finally bought our first home/mini homestead on 0.17 acres with 10 chickens! I love to blog about food, DIY projects, natural remedies, and skin care products.

We hope you get inspired and learn new things about living a more natural life! Visit these fabulous lady’s blogs and get to know them more!


  1. I can’t wait to read your upcoming posts! I recently have become more interested in living a natural lifestyle and I am always looking for tips and tricks. It can be overwhelming sometimes with all the information out there, how do we know the truth!?

    1. So happy you are excited about it! I couldn’t agree more, it can be really overwhelming! Hopefully we can help you ease into it!

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