How to Propagate Basil



I love love love basil! I could put basil in anything! I was on pinterest a couple weeks ago and saw how to propagate it so I had to try! Its really simple and take barely any work (my kind of style)! If I can do it anyone can! I have a brown thumb!

I picked up a bunch of basil at my local farmers market for $2.50. (not bad but I rather grow my own for free right??)

Step 1: Find a stem that has 6 or more leaves on it. The longer the stem the better (learned from experience)
Step 2: Cut the stem with scissors from the rest of the bunch.


Step 3: Cut the top leaves or the flowers off and the bottom leaves off right at the point of origin or where it meets the stem.
Step 4: Place in a jar of water
Step 5: Wait and be amazed that your little stem will start growing roots in about a week


Step 6: Transplant it into a pot with soil and enjoy basil all year round!

P.S I have also done this with green onions. You can just snip off the green part at where the white and green meet and stick it in water and it will grow new shoots! Also, I’ve heard it works with celery but haven’t tried that yet!

So cool and fun right! Has anyone tried this with other types of herbs?


  1. I’d never thought about it but no doubt it would work. Basil is like mint and mint will easily root in water and then can be planted. It’d be the same thing! Thanks!!!

  2. Hi I just had to say that you could do this with cabbage also
    and I been doing this with garlic too
    and I like to thank every one for their tips

  3. I have been growing celery this summer for the first time. I cut the bottom 2-3 inches off of the stalk after I purchase it, I prefer the organic. Just put in a jar of water with the bottom touching the water and in about a week you will see new shoots coming out of the center of the stalk. I will take longer for roots to form so it can be planted into a pot or outside. This has been successful each time I do this, and have not had to buy celery all summer or fall.

  4. I’ve tried this and yes and it’s cool! we have a different basil leaves in Malaysia. narrow and smaller.. thanx for sharing . Go Green!!

  5. I have a small basil pant that hasn’t been growing. I had it outside at first and it was growing beautifully but then it got worms. So I ripped all the wormed leaves off. Since I’ve brought it inside she has been bare. She isn’t dieing but her leaves aren’t getting big. 🙁 Makes me sad… And there is a little mold growing in the soil…Not sure if that is bad.

  6. This idea works even better if you cover the jar with aluminum foil, then poke a hole in the center, or if desired, multiple holes for multiple starts. Rip the foil to remove.

  7. Thanks so much for this – I had no idea! I am currently starting a windowsill garden which already has green onions and chives, and this is going to be perfect. You rock Amy!

  8. This should work fine, though with basil, a pack of seeds grows easily and gets you a lot of basil for a couple of dollars.

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