10 Self-Care Tips For A Healthy Mind And Body

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Learn my favorite self-care tips and tricks to keep your mind and body healthy. You can’t fill anyone up if you have an empty cup, so join me as we discuss some of my favorite ways to give your mind, body, and soul a little TLC. 

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This post is sponsored by Celestial Seasonings TeaWell Organic Daily Wellness Teas. All opinions are my own.

Motherhood is a funny thing. I fiercely love my children but as someone who really loves personal time, it can be a daily struggle to balance my kids’ needs and my own. Sometimes, I just don’t get the personal time I crave because I need to spend my time on other things, and while I’m so glad to be here with my kids in this season, it can leave me feeling really run down. This can be tough because when I’m not feeling my best mentally or physically, I can feel my patience dwindling. And with a 4-year-old and an almost two-year-old, I literally need all the patience I can get.

Also, I’ve realized that I cannot pour out of an empty cup. If I do not make time for myself and practice self-care, I struggle. After having my second child, self-care became really important. Being up all hours of the day and night and juggling all life has to handle, I desperately needed a few minutes to myself to collect my thoughts. So, I prioritized my time to shower at the end of the day. Taking care of myself after taking care of my children and my home all day has become one of my favorite nightly rituals.

I love carving out time for myself every day and now that my kids aren’t in the newborn stage, it’s a little easier to find those pockets of time. Even taking just 10 minutes to sit down and enjoy a cup of Celestial Seasonings TeaWell tea, found at Walmart and Amazon, can help my mind relax and prepare for the next activity. Click below to find a store near you!


Healthy Teas For Self-Care

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Celestial Seasonings TeaWell teas are packed full of healthy, organic ingredients to keep your body and mind healthy. Each Celestial Seasonings TeaWell tea variety includes a blend of herbs and botanicals to support the mind and body, like elderberry to help support immunity, panax ginseng for mental vitality, and dandelion to help with digestion. Every one is packed with antioxidants.

Celestial Seasonings TeaWell Organic Daily Wellness Teas include so many incredible flavors to choose from: Organic Honey Lemon, Organic Lemon Chamomile, Organic Matcha Green, Organic Ginger Mint, and Organic Turmeric Spice.

My two favorites have to be the Matcha Green Tea and the Turmeric Spice. The Matcha Green Tea is a great way to wake up in the morning; I like to sip a warm cup while I pray. And the turmeric spice is like fall in a mug, plus health benefits. Turmeric is great for helping reduce inflammation.

Let’s dive into some of my favorite self-care tips.

10 Self-Care Tips For A Healthy Body And Mind

1. Start each morning with quiet time

I will usually sit on the couch and pray, and then get my mind ready for the day. Perfect time to get your mind and body ready for the day.

2. Work out alone

Sure, you could try to squeeze in a workout with everyone running around you, but for me, running is about de-stressing. So for me to truly de-stress, I grab a dog (the one that runs well) and head out to run the beautiful hills near my house.

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3. Mid-day quiet time

Take a break during the day to grab yourself a warm cup of tea (I love Celestial Seasonings TeaWell’s Matcha Green Tea because it is delicious, has some caffeine, and includes a bunch of healthy ingredients like elderberry and dandelion root to help keep my immune system working well). If you work, you could do this during lunch. My husband usually tries to head outside to eat and drink in peace.

4. Get outside

There is nothing like some outdoor time to hike, bike, or just rest near the coast to get some self-care. Unplugged time is so important.

5. Alone time

If you have kids, get them a sitter and go do something you enjoy. Get a massage, a pedicure, or go antique shopping. Do whatever you find relaxing and enjoyable. I thrive on some alone time to think clear thoughts.

6. Grab a warm drink

Something about sitting down and enjoying a warm cup of Celestial Seasonings TeaWell tea really helps me recenter and revive my mind. Drinking something warm and comforting calms my soul from the anxieties of the day (or, let’s be real, the tantrum of a child).

7. End the day with a long bath or shower

Not only will you hopefully get some quiet time but you’ll also get to enjoy the relaxing water. Add a few drops of calming essential oils like lavender, chamomile, wild orange, etc.

8. Get enough sleep

Sleep is huge and while we can’t always control being able to sleep well, try your best to get enough sleep. 

9. Eat right

Fuel your body and mind with the right foods. I’m totally guilty of stress-eating, but that just leaves me feeling gross. So when I’m feeling extra stressed, I try to focus on giving my body what it needs rather than what it wants (ahem, donuts).

10. Get off your phone and be present

This may be a little out of the ordinary but with a technology-driven world, many times, we believe that we are decompressing by flipping through apps. For me, I find that flipping doesn’t help me destress at all and it just turns into just a big ol’ time suck.

Bonus Self-Care Tip: Support your immune system

Who has time to be sick these days? No one. Make sure you are supporting your immune system by eating well, exercising, taking probiotics, and by doing other immune-boosting things. I love that Celestial Seasonings TeaWell teas include immune-boosting herbs, like elderberry and dandelion. The Turmeric Spice tea not only has those things but also includes cinnamon (great immune booster) and turmeric (can help fight inflammation).

Self-Care Tips to Carving Out the Time

  1. Actually do it. It’s so easy to put yourself on the back burner and forget about your needs. Make sure to make yourself a priority.
  2. Mark it on your calendar. This goes with the last point, but you are more likely to do it if it’s written in stone … or paper.
  3. Learn to say “no” to the extra things and prioritize the most important. You could say “yes” to a million good things, but they won’t be very good if you are stressed out and crabby. 
  4. Figure what you find most relaxing and enjoyable.

Don’t feel guilty about practicing self-care. Focusing on ourselves can make us feel selfish sometimes, but don’t. We all need a little time to recuperate, re-energize, and be who we are meant to be.

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How do you practice self-care? What are your favorite self-care tips?

Thank you so much, Celestial Seasonings TeaWell, for sponsoring this post! Go grab yourself a cup of their delicious tea, sit back, and take some time to relax.

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  1. These are some amazing tips for self care! I tend to get up much earlier than a lot of college students (6 am is usually when I get out of bed!), and I absolutely love to spend my morning quietly journaling, finishing homework, or cooking a nice breakfast. Such a great time for self care!
    Jenna ♥
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