30 Day Money Challenge: Sometimes You Have to Spend Money

This is the last part of the 30 Day Money Challenge.

Although we are trying to save money and not spend a lot what I have to learn is that it is ok to spend money sometimes. I know this may sound contradictory, but its true.  I did pretty well doing the 30 Day Money Challenge of not spending any extra money. We did buy a new cage for Joey our quaker parrot. His cage was completely falling apart and it was dangerous for him to stay in his old cage. Well, he is a very happy birdy now in his big new cage and we got a really good deal on it.

Also, I must admit that I have a serious sweet tooth and on our date night I had a hankering for a vegan chocolate cup cake from a local place so I used some change in the car to buy it. You can almost considered that free right? Although I wasn’t perfect I did a pretty good job

Somethings I have learned from this was sometimes you can’t control things you have to spend money on (life always gets in the way and something always comes up right?). Also, that I need to get better at being ok with spending money on certain things. I like to be frugal and I can get extreme about it. Sometimes its ok to go out to eat with friends, but there are ways to be smart when you do go out. I like many others need to find a good balance on spending money and being frugal! My husband is really good at showing me how sometimes its ok to spend a little extra money to go away for a weekend because in the long run it helps us relax and work on our marriage. Which is more important than money.

How did your 30 days go without spending any money? I would love to hear about it!!!

Just in case you missed it…

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