DIY Natural Dryer Sheets

In a previous post I had talked about air drying your clothes with out a line. But you know what? Sometimes life gets really crazy! Right now the semester is about to end and I have projects and tons and tons to grade! So its just easier to throw the laundry in the dryer right now but I still want to do it in a frugal and sustainable way. I made some diy dryer sheets with my diy natural fabric softener and with the help of Kaia of course!
Step 1: Find an old T-shirt, flannel blankets, or old wash cloths.
Step 2: Cut it into squares or rectangles (or at least try. Someone decided they wanted to lay across the shirt while I was cutting)
Step 3: in a bowl mix 1/4-1/2 cup  of fabric softener (depending on how many your are going to make) with equal parts water.
Step 4: dip fabric in mixture, squeeze out extra, and let air dry
Step 5: Throw in the dryer like a normal dryer sheet. Use each sheet up to 2-3 times.
Store in a cute container like the one above!

Thats it! You can also use store bought fabric softener too. I would recommend Mrs. Meyer’s Basil scented Fabric Softener and do the same process. So frugal right and fun right?

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  1. It is funny that you posted this! My husband just said to me yesterday that we needed to get some dryer sheets because his clothes had static (i typically line dry, but he was using the dryer as an iron before church), but I refuse to buy those commercial dryer sheets because of the chemicals. This would be a good alternative! I am your newest follower! I hope you will follow me as well 🙂

  2. I found you through the Homesteader Blog Carnival today! I love this idea and I love the tie-dye shirt to make it fun! I have been making my own version of fabric softener- 1 small bottle of vinegar, one refill of the cheap store bought fabric softener, mixed in a gallon jug and filled the rest of the way with water. I find this not only stretches the budget, but also helps get rid any additional stink the detergent might have missed. I will def have to put this to use with reusable dryer sheets as well! Thanks!

  3. Just AWESOME!!!! I know I’m going to try this for my family. we line dry usually, but life can get hectic sometimes and a dryer is in order…smile

  4. Great idea. I knew I’d seen somewhere at some time a way to do this but really didn’t remember. Frugal is my way, too, so my son with autism (who does his laundry but resists change of any kind) will have to get used to it. Wish me luck! BTW, I’m following you..

  5. Hi! I couldn’t figure out where to contact you, but I would love to know if I could feature your blog photos on FB or my blog (with credit of course). I think my readers would love this. Also, I used to live in Chicago and the burbs as well :).

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