Natural DIY Foaming Hand Soap

This easy DIY foaming hand soap is a simple and natural recipe made with just three ingredients. Follow the steps and video tutorial below to make your own foaming hand soap.

You will need: castile soap, water, and essential oils (optional).

If you have 2 minutes, the right ingredients (which you probably have in your cabinet), and a foaming soap pump, then you can make this right here, right now. You can also add your favorite essential oils, but, of course, this is optional.

Foaming hand soap on a white wash clothes with eucalyptus leaves and dried roses to the left

DIY Foaming Hand Soap Backstory

My favorite DIY recipes are those that take no time, are natural, and pretty darn cheap. This foaming hand soap fits that bill in every way.

This recipe started because we ran out of natural hand soap that I had stocked up on one day during a big sale.

Not going to lie, since we moved to Oregon back in January, a lot of natural DIY projects went to the wayside, and I just started buying and using many natural products from the store.

You have to pick what is worth making and what is worth buying when you are really crunched for time, so I totally get it. Thankfully, this recipe takes almost no time at all.

I’ve even taught my husband do to make it, so when he starts complaining there is no soap left I can gently remind him he knows how to do it.

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Make It Yourself

When a bottle of natural foaming hand soap I had purchased was empty, I checked the ingredients list again (because hello, I always check the ingredient list of EVERYTHING) and realized I had all the things I need to make it on hand.

Plus, since I had been using a foaming soap, I just reused the bottle until it broke. 

Then I bought some bottles on sale from Plant Therapy (you can also find similar ones on Amazon here). I also got the castile soap at a big tent sale that was half off. That never, ever happens (score!).

This recipe is already inexpensive as it is, but then when you stock up on the castile soap when you get a great deal… ridiculously cheap.

Why make your own foaming hand soaps?

Since this is a blog about natural living, you can guess one reason. Many commercial soaps contain harmful chemicals that could lead to hormone disruption.

The FDA itself has even said to skip anti-bacterial soaps because they aren’t really any more effective, and their long-term safety hasn’t been established (source).

Triclosan can interfere with thyroid hormone processes, and can disrupt the uptake of thyroid hormones. Your thyroid is pretty darn important.

We talk a lot about artificial fragrances here, so I won’t go in to great detail, but it is a good idea to stay away from them and use pure essential oils to make natural scents instead.

How To Make Foaming Hand Soap

The best part of this recipe is it doesn’t have to be exact, and I never measure it out. Just use ratios. Eyeball it. Guess. Whatever suits your fancy.

It will probably turn out just fine, and if you add too much water, then pour a little out and add a little more castile soap. It’s pretty forgiving. The best kind of recipes usually are.

Ingredients you will need to make DIY Foaming Hand Soap:

  • Castile soap (I use this one)
  • Water
  • 10-15 drops Essential Oils (I like to use anti-bacterial essential oils like germ destroyer, tea tree, etc., but you can use whatever your heart desires). You can find them on Amazon or directly on their site .
  • Foaming soap pump (like this one)

Foaming Hand Soap Step-by-Step Directions:

pouring Castile soap into soap bottle to make foaming hand soap

Step 1: Add Castile Soap

Add 1 part castile soap (about 1/4 cup castile soap) to a foaming soap dispenser (like these ones).

putting essential oils in castile soap to make foaming hand soap

Step 2: Add Essential Oils

Add essential oils, about 10-15 drops. I like to add a germ destroying essential oil to give it an extra anti-bacterial effect without the harmful antibacterial chemicals.

foaming hand soap in a bottle on a blue napkin with eucalyptus on each side and essential oils behind it.

Step 3: Add Water

Add 3 parts water  (or 3/4 cup water for exact measurements)

Honestly, I just pour the castile soap about 1/4 way up the bottle, add essential oils, and fill the rest up with water. Done.

Side note: If you want to make multiple bottles at one time that will be stored, make sure to use distilled water.

How To Make Foaming Hand Soap Video

DIY Foaming Hand Soap FAQ:

What makings foaming hand soap foam?

Foaming hand soap foams because of the pump. The pump infuses air into the soap and causes it to lather and foam.

How do you make foaming hand soap with essential oils?

Follow the directions above and add your favorite essential oils. I like to choose either pretty smelling essential oils like grapefruit, lavender, Calming The Child blend, or a disenfecting one like Germ Destroyer, Germ Fighter, etc.

How do you make scented foaming hand soap?

You can actually do this two ways. Add essential oils or you can use scented castile soap. There are a variety of scents you could choose from. Dr. Bronners uses essential oils to create scented soap.

If you are using a different brand, just make sure whichever brand of castile soap you use, that it doesn’t contain artificial fragrances.

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DIY Foaming Hand Soap Recipe

DIY Foaming Hand Soap

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  • Add 1 part castile soap to 3 parts water to a foaming soap dispenser (like these ones). (If you want exact measurements, then do 1/4 cup castile soap to 3/4 cup water.)
  • Honestly, I just pour the castile soap about 1/4 way up the bottle, add essential oils, and fill the rest up with water. Done.


Side note: If you want to make multiple bottles at one time that will be stored, make sure to use distilled water
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Foaming hand soap on a blue napkin with eucalyptus, essential oils, and soap behind it.

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